Gearhead Consulting, LLC, is a Central Texas based Limited Liability Company with demonstrated expertise in:

  • Automotive and light duty truck transportation service training

  • Alternative Fuels as used in the transportation sector (Natural Gas and Propane)

  • Curriculum development, component and product review, and educational related fields.

NOTE:  Effective March 1, 2019, Gearhead Consulting will no longer provide training services.

Gearhead Consulting, LLC has additional interests in the following topics:

  • Energy Distribution (above ground composite utility pole)

  • Highway and road construction

  • Classic first and second generation Mustangs

I have accumulated almost five decades of automotive industry and alternative fuel related research and education experience, including vehicle conversions, engine and combustion research, emissions controls, prototype fuel system development, custom engine design and assembly.

I hope you will find it interesting and of some use.

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